How to do Kibbe Body quiz that is taking over TikTok

How to do Kibbe Body quiz that is taking over TikTok
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The Kibbe body type test is the latest style theory to take over TikTok as people discover what clothing styles suit their shape best.

The test has become popular recently, with the likes of fashion designer and content creator Gabrielle Arruda (@gabriellearrudadesign) analysing celebrities from Alexa Demie and Florence Pugh to see what their Kibbe type is while the hashtag "kibbe body types" has over 54.7m views.

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But it was actually developed back in the 1980s by stylist David Kibbe in his book: David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only You Can.


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As many share their Kibbe test results on TikTok, here is everything you need to know about the test and how you can take the Kibbe body type test yourself.

What result could I get from the Kibbe body type test?

Overall, there are 13 style types based on physical characteristics but these are grouped into five different style families which are Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, Romantics and Gamines.

According to Kibbe's theory, the result is determined by the balance of your yang and yin features. Those with more yin are said to have a softer curvier appearance while people who have more yang tend to be sharper and angular.

How do I take the Kibbe test?

Those wanting to take the Kibbe test will need to take a full-length photo of themselves in swimwear or underwear at chest height - it cannot be a selfie so perhaps get a friend to take it for you or take the snap using a self-timer.

Then get a pen and paper to record your answers.

A face photo is also required, where you have a natural expression (though a few can be smiley), and these also should not be selfies in order to get a clear picture.

What are the questions like on the Kibbe test?

The 15 questions are multiple-choice and should be answered based on the photos you have just taken for an accurate result, here are a couple of example questions to expect:

1. How long is your vertical line?

a) Long

b) Moderately long

c) Moderate

d) Smallish

e) Petite

2. What is the shape of your shoulders?

a) Narrow, Sharp

b) Blunt, Broad

c) Even

d) Sloped, tapered

e) Sloped, rounded

When noting down your answers, they should read like this: "1A, 2D...," for example.

What will the results show?

Each lettered answer reflects a particular style family so whichever lettered answer you select the most is your Kibbe style type, according to The Concept Wardrobe, and those are:

  • Mostly As are dramatic,
  • Mostly B's are natural,
  • Mostly C's are classic,
  • Mostly D's or E's are romantic,
  • A mixture of A/B's and D/E's are gamine.
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