Young Kick streamer sparks debate after harassing people in public

Young Kick streamer sparks debate after harassing people in public
Streamers Have Ruined A Generation

A young Kick streamer, known as Kizzy, has gained notoriety online after filming himself harassing members of the public.

The 14-year-old first came to most people's attention after appearing as a guest on the livestream of controversial content creator Ragnesh "N3on" and the pair became involved in an altercation on March 14.

During that altercation, Kizzy threatened N3on and his girlfriend Sam Frank. He said: "Shut the f*** up! I'll beat the s*** out of you and your fat girlfriend. That fat s***. I'll smack in her face, too, b****!"

When N3on hit back by saying he'd dox him and his family, and suggested he didn't know his namme, Kizzy responed: "You're not doing s***. Shut the f*** up, bro. Suck my d***, bro, you're a b****. You f***ing pu***. Kizzy, bro. My name is Kizzy. Kizzy is my name, bruh."

As a result of the altercation and N3on then threatening Kizzy with sexual assault and doxing, Kizzi's Kick account was suspended.

However, before that ban he had been streaming on his own channel, harassing members of the public.

One clip showed his fighting random people on the street was uploaded by streamer Jake Lucky, who wrote: "Might be time to raise the streaming age."

Another showed his touching people's food, before being confronted by a diner he'd stolen food from.

His behaviour has been criticised by popular streamer Charlie "MoistCr1TikaL", who said: "This young whipper-snapper can't be older than 11 years old, and he's already becoming a scourge. He's trying to do what all of the other public nuisance streamers do, by just being a societal hemorrhoid. He still has his baby teeth! He hasn't even gotten his adult teeth yet, and he's already doing this s***... He's just trying to get that clout through being a piece of s***."

Now, it's been reported that Kizzy has had his account banned due to his behaviour.

People have called for him to be banned permanently for his behaviour, while others called on the minimum streaming age to be raised.

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