Kid uses lightning-fast 'ninja moves' to stop his brother from locking him out of the house

Kid uses lightning fast 'ninja moves' to stop his brother from locking him out of the house

Photo courtesy of @slater_jona/Twitter

Remember the days when you would get into some lighthearted banter and engage in pranks on your siblings?

Well, one child wasn't having any of that as he used lightning-fast "ninja moves" to prevent his brother from locking him out of the house.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Jonathan Slater, you see an elder brother unlocking the front door of a house. As he's doing this, he turns around to see where his brother is, and he happens to be close by.

Then, the elder brother decides to rush inside the home and attempts to lock the door behind him.

Once the younger brother saw what was about to happen, he act with ninja-speed.

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In one expert move, he threw his green jacket at the door. The jacket fell between the door and the wall, which prevented the door from closing all the way.

As he walks into the house, the younger one can be heard giggling and saying, "I made it," after preventing his brother's lockout mission.

In the video's comments, many people began to reminisce about their childhood and how they handled certain situations.

"My entire childhood as the little brother," someone wrote.

"When you're laughing so hard and still trying to battle is simply the best when you're a kid," another added.

Others also pointed out the child's calm and technical instincts.

"Quick thinking and reflexes…a future [Jason Bourne]…" someone else wrote, comparing him to the Jason Bourne films.

"You can tell he has to do that all the time. Just because he did that like a boss," wrote a fourth.

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