Kids order £40 worth of pizza from dad's iPad in hilarious TikTok

Kids order £40 worth of pizza from dad's iPad in hilarious TikTok
TikTok Is Being Investigated For It’s Effect On Kids
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A Domino's delivery man was left in stitches when a confused customer realised his young son had used his credit card to secretly make a large takeaway order.

In the viral Ring doorbell footage reposted to TikTok account @22funny_, the confused dad asks who ordered pizza. He turned to his eight-year-old son and asked whether it was him, to which he proudly admitted, "I did."

The hilarious clip, which racked up 14 million views, showed the priceless reaction of the dad and delivery man, who couldn't contain their laughter.

"What? How have you ordered that? You little s**t," he asked his son before asking the delivery man how much damage had been done.

Opening the bag to reveal the large £38 ($50) order, complete with a family-size bottle of Coke, the dad said: "Jesus Christ! How much was it?"

Taken back, the dad admitted defeat and said, "Bloody hell! Alright, well, we'll have to take it then, mate!"

The driver said it had already "been paid for" via the iPad.

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Thousands of fellow TikTok users flocked to the clip in hysterics, with one saying: "Dads thinking 'that's my boy'".

Another jokingly assumed the dad used his son as a scapegoat. "Dad orders pizza and blames it on the kid," they said, while a third jested: "Too bad I can't eat the delicious food you made today, honey, the kids 'accidentally' ordered pizza."

"This is Gold...Father is pretending to be upset," another user humoured.

Others felt inspired by the clip and said, "I'm going to do this so that I don't have to cook tonight."

At least everyone was happy in the end.

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