Up until now, 2020 has largely delivered bad news.

But all that is finally be changing, because... cars can fly! Or at least, the Klein Vision AirCar can. We're finally living in the future, only five years after Back to the Future predicted we would.

The AirCar, designed by a Slovakian start up, successfully completed its maiden voyage in the country this week. The phenomenal thing about it is that it actually looks like a car (as which it also functions), unlike other distinctly plane-ish air taxis.

Its wings are fully retractable, meaning the AirCar looks just at home on the road as it does in the sky. According to Klein Vision, it's capable of flying up to 620 miles at a time at a top speed of 124 mph.

The AirCar has two seats inside and a button you can push to release its wings. The company hope to also bring out three and four-seat versions, as well as one which can float on water, in case you want to go full James Bond.

But it's unlikely that fleets of AirCars will make their way to the skies any time soon.

The model which successfully completed its short trip from Piestany airport is just a prototype, rather than a car that's ready-to-buy.

And we have to admit that, in its current futuristic-looking form, it'd probably get a few odd looks driving down the M1.

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