YouTube explorer finds ‘creepy Knight’s Templar’ ritual cave while searching underneath a tree

YouTube explorer finds ‘creepy Knight’s Templar’ ritual cave while searching underneath a tree
Brendan Explores

A YouTube explorer has made an incredible discovery after stumbling across a hold underneath a tree, which lead to a stunningly preserved ‘Knights Templar’ cave.

In a video shared on 3rd October, Brendan Explores went for a ramble in Shifnal, Shropshire after he and a friend read about a 700-year-old cave on the internet, also known as the Caynton Caves.

Secret Knights Templar Caves Found Hidden In Woods! WARNING CREEPY!

Although there were obvious signs of litter and graffiti in the cave, it was still in impeccably good condition considering that, according to Historic England, the cave was built in the 18th century. Although the grotto is rumoured to have been built by the Knight’s Templar that is said to be no evidence to support this.

However, according to Brendan’s friend who accompanied him on the trip the caves are supposedly haunted due to Satanic and black magic rituals that used to be carried out there. Spooky things immediately started to happen as Brendan’s light stopped working despite him having four fully charged battery packs.

At one point they also find a passport-sized photograph of a man called ‘Paul Jones’ who they suspected could have been the subject of a pagan ritual.

Brendan Explores/ YouTube

Talking about his experience in the cave, Brendan admitted he was stunned at just how expansive it was down there and how beautiful it would have looked once upon a time. “There were some photos online, but nothing of significance. But when I went down there it opened my eyes. It was expansive.

“Someone had been down there and put in the effort to make such beautiful carvings. It must have looked pristine when it was first done.”

The pair however did find a collapsed wall which did make them concerned about the safety of the structure. Upon leaving Brendan admitted that he felt dazed and added: “I didn’t think I was claustrophobic, but I was thankful to get out.”

The Knight’s Templar was a Catholic military order founded in 1118 in Jerusalem and were devout to The Pope. The groups’ membership rapidly grew in this time as was said to have had up to 20,000 members at its peak. However, after they lost the ‘Holy Land’ during the Crusades and support for the order declined. They were eventually disbanded in 1312 by Pope Clement V under pressure from King Philip IV of France following rumours about the Templars secret initiation ceremonies.

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