KSI tells fans to STOP buying his Prime drink at Wakey Wines as shop charges one family £1,000

KSI tells fans to STOP buying his Prime drink at Wakey Wines as shop charges one family £1,000
Gordon Ramsay reviews KSI and Logan Paul's Prime energy drink

KSI is calling for a boycott of the now notorious newsagent Wakey Wines as the price of his energy drink continues to rise to eye-watering heights.

People are so desperate to get their hand's on Prime, the beverage championed by the Youtube star and his rival Logan Paul, that some have travelled more than 100 miles to visit the Wakefield shop which still stocks bottles of the stuff.

Such is the pair's influence, Prime has flown off shelves over the past few weeks and been flogged at extortionate prices on eBay. Spotting his chance to make some serious dough, Wakey Wines owner Mohammed Nazir started seeing how much he could charge people for a few bottles, documenting his successes on TikTok.

In his latest entry (@wakey_wines01924724141), Nazir proudly introduces a family – a man with two young boys – who travelled up to the shop in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, from Lincolnshire and spent a whopping £1,070 on Prime Energy in their 86-mile trip.

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In the clip, the father and sons each proudly hold up their cases of of the brightly-coloured bottles, which include the flavours Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, and Tropical Punch.

Nazir then asks fellow shoppers to confirm that "this is all real," to which they respond with an enthusiastic chorus of "yes".


Family came from Lincolnshire and spent £1070 on prime bottles cans and WFD sweets whats the best shop in wakey! Wakey wines#wakeywines #wfdsweets #prime #fyp

However, they aren't the first customers to spend big money on the range. Two women from Sheffield apparently forked out £1,200 for a 12-pack of the Strawberry and Watermelon Prime - that's £100 per bottle.

The shop's video of the pair racked up 2.8 million hits as viewers shared their disbelief that people would be willing to pay so much for the drink which has a retail value of £1.99.

One TikToker wrote: "The fact people keep buying from him is insane."

"It would be cheaper to fly to America and get them," another person said.

Someone else added: "Wakey is winding me up with these prices."

KSI has spoken out repeatedly about Wakey Wines's hiked prices.

Also taking to TikTok on Tuesday, he stitched the video of the two Sheffield women and exclaimed: "Oh my God - NOOOOO! He can't keep getting away with this!"


#stitch with @📍Bingo bingo gala bingo📍 FAMMMMMMMMMMMMM

During an earlier appearance on radio station Capital FM, the YouTuber expressed a similar sentiment on price increases, describing it as "crazy."

"I don’t like the reselling, I hate the selling, even when ASDA tried to up their price by £2.50, I was tweeting them like 'Nah nah nah this is out of order, this isn’t Prime doing this, this is ASDA' and instantly they brought it down to £2," he said.

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