'I'd lose my way': KSI reveals why he has 'completely' quit drinking

Internet celebrity KSI was in disbelief when he found out the energy drink he created with Logan Paul was selling for £25.

Since the release of Prime, a hydration energy drink, back in January, fans of KSI, whose real name is Olajide "JJ" Olatunji, and Paul have flocked to stores selling out all inventory.

Last week, people were reportedly paying up to £400 for a pack of the hydration beverage on eBay.

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Now, people are paying up to £25 in stores for the highly sought-after drink and Olatunji cannot believe it.

The YouTube personality reacted to a video of a retailer saying one customer paid £145 for six bottles of Prime.

"25 quid per bottle, bruv you're getting ripped off," Olatunji screamed. "Why is she doing this?"

A single bottle of Prime typically retails for approximately £2.

"Two pounds is way better than 25 pounds," he added.


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Because the drink is exclusively available in Asda, stores have implemented limits on how many bottles people can buy at once.

At one store in County Durham, bottles of Prime Hydration were completely sold out by 9 am on Saturday (15/10). In Scotland, it was reported that the bottles were being sold behind barriers at the cigarette booth to protect staff.

Olatunji left followers with words of advice, "Do not pay that much for Prime."

He suggested people either wait for it to restock or get to Asda early on restock days.

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