KSI demands to know Wakey Wines' ‘dealer’ as shop sells Prime cans at £100 each

KSI demands to know Wakey Wines' ‘dealer’ as shop sells Prime cans at £100 each

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One of the latest business ventures for boxer, musician and YouTube content creator KSI (real name JJ Olatunji) has been the release of his drinks brand Prime, in partnership with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

However, amid the company’s increasing popularity, the influencer has taken aim at one particular shop appearing to sell the bottles and cans at inflated prices.

Wakey Wines, based in Wakefield and ran by Mohammad Azar Nazir, has attracted attention on TikTok over the eye-watering prices which have sought to capitalise on the demand for the drink.

Late last year KSI even went as far as to claim employees at Asda were selling the product on the black market given how lucrative a bottle appears to be.

In a statement last week, Nazir said he had been “banned off TikTok at 500K” followers and that a “well-known influencer” has been “trying to tarnish my business”.

“All of my videos are all for fun,” he added.

However, a 500,000-follower-strong account belonging to Wakey Wines is still up on the social media platform, where he has advertised cans of Prime Energy – which aren’t even out in the UK yet, only the US – at £100 a pop.

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Another clip, meanwhile, appears to show a family from Lincolnshire revealing they had spent more than £1,000 on a supply of Prime drinks.

He even has merchandise, selling caps at £34.99 each.

The viral shop has since caught the attention of KSI, who responded to one Wakey Wines video showing a customer claiming to have spent £1,200 on the liquids on Sunday.

“Oh my God, no! He can’t keep getting away with this! Stop buying at these prices,” he yelled.


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The “Down Like That” rapper went further in a YouTube video on Thursday, and added: “Just wait, OK? I know there’s a lot of hype but just wait.

“Wait for the hype to die down, so you can actually just buy it at a normal price. Stop buying Prime at £10, £15, £20, £25 or £100 for a Prime can.

“How has he got the cans? Who is his dealer?”

He also said how he hopes Nazir’s videos are a “joke”, saying: “I hope this Wakey Wines isn’t actually charging people £100 for a Prime can, but if he actually is, then lord have mercy, man."

Elsewhere, when an ITV News reporter tried to speak to Nazir and show him a video message from KSI in which he branded Wakey Wines’ prices as “unfair” and “not ethical”, he declined to appear on camera.

He instead insisted that the videos were “for fun” and that the shop was “making the best of a business opportunity”.

We miss Binley Mega Chippy. They’d never attract such controversy.

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