It's no secret that shop-owners go to great lengths to make everything look as appealing as possible.

But this Kuwaiti fishmonger took things a step further than usual, sticking plastic googly eyes onto fish to make them look fresher than they actually are.

LADBiblereported that the trickery - which led to the business being closed down - was first picked up on by a Kuwaiti newspaper, but the hilarious images soon found their way online and into a viral Twitter post, written by economist and writer Mohamed El Dahshan.

Reactions to the post ranged from bemusement to laughter, with some users pointing out that most of us probably don't scrutinise our fish that closely in the first place.

Others shared their favourite googly eye stories (there are, surprisingly, more than you might think) and, of course, GIFs.

Don't forget the fish puns!

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