Lady Gaga shares emotional moment Tony Bennett remembered her name amid Alzheimer’s battle

A touching clip has been shared to TikTok, which shows the moment Tony Bennett remembered Lady Gaga’s name for “the first time in a long time” amid his battle with Alzheimer’s.

The viral video showed the sentimental moment Bennett introduced the Bad Romance singer to the stage during a collaborative performance.

“Lady Gaga!” he proclaimed, as the 35-year-old gasps in disbelief.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, she said: “That’s the first time that Tony said my name in a long time.

“I had to keep it together because we had a sold-out show and I have a job to do. But I’ll tell you when I walked out on that stage and he said, ‘It’s Lady Gaga,’ my friend saw me. It was very special.”

The 95-year-old jazz singer was diagnosed with the disease in February 2016. He wrote on Twitter: “Life is a gift – even with Alzheimer’s.”

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The TikTok has received a staggering 7.4 million views in 48 hours and hundreds of heart-warming comments. “That’s special because it means he stored that in a special place”, one commented, while another was in awe of the “sweet reaction”, saying they “could watch this all day.”

Others recalled their own personal experiences, as one TikTok user explained how their grandma suffered from the disease. “My grandma had Alzheimer's and she remembered who I was all of a sudden and I will never forget that”, they said.

Another added: “I don’t think people understand how impactful you have to be on a person with Alzheimer’s life for them to remember your name after knowing them.”

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In the full interview with Anderson Cooper, Gaga revealed, “For the first couple of weeks that I saw Tony since COVID, he called me ‘sweetheart,’ but I wasn’t sure he knew who I was.”

“When that music comes on [snaps fingers], something happens to him,” she said. “He knows exactly what he’s doing and what’s important for me, actually, is to make sure that I don’t get in the way of that.”

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