Impaulsive host claims father of Lana Rhoades' baby is NBA player

Former adult film star Lana Rhoades stoked rumors online after appearing to confirm that her baby's father is an NBA player in a TikTok video.

Rhoades, 25, doesn't share much of her personal life on social media, despite being a former adult star. But she shocked fans last year when she revealed she was pregnant - although she has since deleted her announcement post.

People speculated as to who Rhoades' baby daddy was, but it wasn't until Logan Paul revealed on his podcast it was an NBA player that rumors really started swirling.

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Paul and co-host Mike Majlak, who is also Rhoades' former boyfriend, told Impaulsive listeners she was "doing well" and had a baby with a "big-time NBA player"

Paul went on to say the name of the basketball player - but it was censored for listeners.

Then on Thursday, Rhoades posted a TikTok video confirming she had her child with an NBA player, but did not reveal the player's name.


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In the video, Rhoades dubs a voice-over while picking up her young child.

On the screen, text reads, "I swear to god I thought NBA players were guys, next thing you know I said I'm pregnant, and he told me to go F myself."

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