A landlord’s ‘temporary solution’ to collapsing ceiling has sparked uproar on TikTok

A landlord’s ‘temporary solution’ to collapsing ceiling has sparked uproar on TikTok

Unless you’ve lived a life of luxury then, like everyone else, then you’ll no doubt have your fair share of landlord horror stories however, we think that one recent viral TikTok clip might top everything.

A video shared earlier this week by @lollygaglab, or Milie, shows one of her housemate’s staring up at the ceiling in his bedroom where a large plank of wood, that is noticeably bending, has been wedged between the floor and the ceiling.

The caption for the video reads: ‘Told landlord the ceiling was collapsing this was his solution.’ The TikToker can be heard saying through the laughter: “It looks so ridiculous.”


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The video, which was shared on Wednesday has already been viewed more than one million times on TikTok with people obviously shocked that a landlord could treat a serious situation like a collapsing ceiling with such little caution.

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@lollygaglab has stated that it was only a “temporary solution” from the landlord and that they otherwise have a good relationship with the landlord.

“You guys I love my landlord. I just don’t know what the logic was here,” she wrote.

However, replies to the clip were aghast at the disregard for safety.

“This cannot possibly be legal,” said one person with another adding: “Doesn’t matter if you like your landlord or not, that’s incredibly unsafe.”

A third wrote: “No rent until this is fixed PROPERLY. Love them all you want, this is not okay.”

At the time of writing, this was the last video that @lollygaglab so we hope the ceiling is still standing but if in doubt a few extra planks wouldn’t hurt.

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