House on sale full of Looney Tunes toys goes viral for obvious reasons

House on sale full of Looney Tunes toys goes viral for obvious reasons
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A house for sale in Liverpool has become a viral hit thanks to the bizarre amount of Looney Tunes toys that are stashed away in one of the rooms.

The two-bedroom end-of-terrace house is in the Walton area of the city and is currently listed on RightMove for £79,950. Now as always with these types of stories, you know that something is up because why else would we be reporting on a normal house being on sale?

The property listing only has seven photos and when scrolling through the first few there is nothing that would raise any eyebrows apart from the usual stuff that you would expect to see in a house like this.

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However, by the time you get to the fourth photo, you realise why this listing has gone viral. In what appears to be a small bedroom there are dozens, possibly even hundreds of cuddly toys of the Looney Tunes character Taz or Tasmanian Devil.

A closer inspection of the front room shows there are a handful of Tasmanian Devil's in there too so who knows how many cuddly versions of the crazy critter are in this abode. There is also a big Bugs Bunny but its clear who is the number one toon in this house.

The listing was found by Twitter user @isabelle who wrote "hahahaha please look at this house." At the time of writing it has been seen by a staggering 6 million people since being shared on Thursday.

Inevitably the jokes soon started to arrive. One person wrote: "Hahahaha he needs to just bail selling it and do daily viewings like a grotto"

Another added: "Only 80 grand AND it has a Taz room? Count me in."

A third jokingly questioned: "What the devil?"

Regardless of the Taz toys the price was eye-opening to many with one person writing: "I'm reeling at the price. That would cost at least £300k where I live, extra £50k for the taz army [sic]."

Considering this house has now had far more viewers than it would have ever had potential buyers we're surprised that the price hasn't sky rocketed.

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