Logan Paul breaks silence on George Janko's claims about Impaulsive mistreatment

Logan Paul breaks silence on George Janko's claims about Impaulsive mistreatment
Logan Paul Slams PRIME Lawsuit Claims on TikTok
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Logan Paul has responded to new comments made by George Janko, who previously co-hosted the Impaulsive podcast.

Janko used to host the podcast with Paul, but left to start his own show following Paul’s on-air debate with him about his Christian faith – something Paul has previously apologised for.

Janko hinted at some of the reasons he left last year, but more recently he’s been more specific while discussing his exit.

Speaking on his own podcast, Janko came out with some strong words for Paul, claiming that he fought him in court for better pay.

Janko spoke in a recent episode of his show, saying that he had to pay $10,000 a month just to stay on Impaulsive, and that he wasn’t paid enough for his time.

However, Paul has since posted a clip disputing his claims, instead saying that Janko had a company credit card to cover expenses. He also said that Janko was paid more than $317k for the 15 months he was on the podcast.

Paul said: “As well as having his own credit card, all expenses related to the show were paid for, including all travel and lodging obviously. George’s total reimbursement came out to $20,317. I’d love to see any books that show otherwise, spending $120k a year to be on a show is a little confusing.”

He also claimed that Janko wasn’t fired from Impaulsive.

“George did not get fired, he quit, I’ll touch on that in a second. But, after he quit, I called him. Frequently. I reached out, I wanted to reconcile the friendship, I invited him to my birthday party, Wrestlemania, and even my ranch a few weeks later, he chose not to come,” Paul said.

Paul also took issue with Janko’s brand deal with Celsius – a competitor to Paul’s PRIME.

Janko responded with a video of his own, saying to Paul: "Your TikTok is cute... When you want to be a man, let's sit down and talk about it,"

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