Logan Paul 'exposes' another doctor's 'misinformation' about Prime's PFAs lawsuit

Logan Paul 'exposes' another doctor's 'misinformation' about Prime's PFAs lawsuit
Logan Paul Slams PRIME Lawsuit Claims on TikTok
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Logan Paul has slammed another influencer on social media after claims about the lawsuit against Prime Hydration's drinks containing potentially harmful chemicals were posted.

Prime Hydration allegedly has 'forever chemicals' in its bottled drinks with a court document made public during a motion hearing on April 18 saying the products are "adulterated, misbranded and illegal to sell".

A lawsuit has been filed against it for the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) allegedly being found in testing of the Prime Hydration Grape Sports Drink specifically.

These are synthetic, man-made chemicals known to be harmful to both humans and the environment and are also known as 'forever chemicals'.

A filing dated May 2 revealed "damages claimed exceed $5,000,000 exclusive of interest and costs" - but that's only if the claim is successful and means Prime Hydration could have to pay out more than $5m if so.

Paul has previously hit out at the lawsuit, saying the study referred to in the court documents to bring this case forward is "b******t" and called out a TikToker on a video he posted about it.

And Paul has done something similar again - this time referring to two videos posted by Dr Daniel Pompa.


Instagram Doctor WARNING!!? ⚠️😳

His latest video starts with what Pompa seems to have first posted, where he held up two bottles of Prime and said: "Parents, listen, this is scary, are your kids drinking this? Three times the level of forever chemicals PFAs found in this."

Paul said: "Obviously, we sent this guy a cease and desist that got him to, like, half apologise but in the same video he just doubled down on his b******t."

It then cuts to another of Pompa's videos, where he said: "He was not happy about this video however, Logan, I do apologise."

Paul said: "He's even getting called out and corrected in his own comment section for spreading misinformation but now I gotta come on here and expose the guy because he can't tell the difference between a can of Prime Energy and a bottle of Prime Hydration."

It cuts back to Pompa, who said: "Logan, don't shoot the messenger, I was just bringing the message."

Paul said: "Hey, don't worry bro, I'm not gonna shoot you but Prime is considering suing you for the millions of dollars of damage you've caused."

Pompa's original videos appear to have been taken down.

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