27 of the most brutally honest Twitter reviews of London

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It's official, London has been named the top tourist destination in the entire world byTripAdvisor. Or is it?

The British capital, with its eye-catching bright red double-decker buses, its archaic customs such as the changing of the guard, and of course the crown jewels, took the top spot in the annual Travellers' Choice Awards for Destinations, beating the likes of glamorous destinations such as Paris, Crete, Rome and Bali.

The winner was determined by an algorithm that rated reviews given to hotels, experiences and restaurants over a 12-month period.

However, being the cynical pedants that we are at indy100, we weren't convinced, so we decided to take to Twitter to get more of a 'people's take' on the city's top landmarks.

Here, we've compiled a list of what people really think of London, and to be honest, it's not entirely rosy. In fact, lots of people are quite simply 'mugging London off', to use the local lingo.

Big Ben? Not impressed.

Buckingham Palace? Not everyone's cup of tea.

Houses of Parliament? So many places people would rather be.

Tower of London? Not as exciting as you'd expect.

London Eye? It's just a big ferris wheel, isn't it?

London weather? Don't even get us started.


It costs how much to use the toilet?

Others espoused the joys of moving out of London all together...

And quite simply just staying in the North...

Some offered more 'real' takes on London

You wouldn't get this in Taunton..

Still think the streets are paved with gold?

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