London Zoo tiger labelled a ‘grinch’ after tearing down festive display

Sumatran tigers at ZSL London Zoo (Zoological Society of London)
Sumatran tigers at ZSL London Zoo (Zoological Society of London)

A Sumatran tiger at London Zoo was labelled a “Grinch” after tearing down a festive scented display put up by her keepers.

Workers at the zoo produced the Christmas treat for Asim and Gaysha, their two Sumatran tigers, made up of scented candy canes and Santa sacks.

However, the scents – including ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon – proved too much for Gaysha, who tore them down in mere moments and before Asim could arrive on the scene.

(Zoological Society of London)

“Just like pet cats, both Asim and Gaysha love to seek out and roll around in strong scents,” said ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kate Clark.

“So for Christmas this year we created a scented candy cane forest for them out of giant wooden canes and recycled hessian ‘Santa sacks’ – perfumed with natural seasonal scents such as ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.

“It took Gaysha no time at all to reach up and tear down all our hard work – she’s this year’s Christmas Grinch, for sure.

“Luckily Asim still had a great time sniffing out each Santa sack, before rubbing himself all over with his favourite festive spices.”

(Zoological Society of London)

Between November and January, London Zoo’s Magic of Christmas activities offer a festive twist for visitors – visit to find out more.

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