Louis Theroux's viral rap sounds even better in a church

Louis Theroux's viral rap sounds even better in a church
Louis Theroux joins TikTok referencing his viral rap in first video
TikTok/Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends rap has recently become a viral sensation thanks to TikTok- but now it has been covered by a choir, and it's an absolute treat for the ears.

In recent weeks, the 2000 rap from the documentary filmmaker has become a trending sound on the platform after he performed it during an interview on Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg and was remixed by producers Duke & Jones.

Since then the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lizzo, and Shakira have all been dancing to the track with Theroux becoming a viral star on the app and many musicians covering the track.

Now St John’s Voices, a choir from St. John’s College, Cambridge have put their own spin on "Jiggle Jiggle," and even recorded their performance in the college's chapel which provides the perfect atmosphere and acoustics.

"We finished a the psaiter a little early this year, so we had to branch out... non tinnit pecunia mea," the caption read as they even included Latin which means "my money doesn't ring."

The footage then shows the choir singing the catchy tune from different angles as Graham, the choir's conductor who arranged the "Anglican chant" remix guides the chorus.


We finished the psalter a little early this year, so we had to branch out…non tinnit pecunia mea #louistheroux #rap #jigglejiggle #choirtok

Since posting the hilariously haunting version of everyone's favourite viral rap, the video has received 2.3m views, 387,300 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who were thoroughly entertained and impressed with the chorus cover.

One person wrote: "Imagine people in 10.000 years hearing this and trying to interpret the words with absolutely no context."

"As yes like the Gospel says ‘thou money must not jiggle jiggle, it must foldeth,'" another person said.

Someone else added: "Want this at my funeral tbh."

"An anthropologist in the year 3022 is gonna discover this and write their dissertation on it," a fourth person commented.

Another viewer asked: "How [did] they control their laughter[?]"

To which the St John's TikTok account admittedly replied: "With great difficulty…"

Given Theroux has joined TikTok at the height of his viral rap career, we're sure he'll see it and love this reimagined version.

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