Trump supporter asked to remove 'Let's go Brandon' mask on Spirit flight

The Good Liars are back again pranking Donald Trump supporters, this time with t-shirts that say "Let's F*** Brandon".

In two videos posted to their TikTok page, the comedy duo, Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig, pranked Trump supporters by inquiring and selling alternative t-shirts to the Let's Go Brandon meme at a Trump rally.

Only these shirts say "Let's F*** Brandon".

In one video, Stiefler approaches a man selling a table of merchandise and asks if he is selling any "Let's F*** Brandon" shirts. When the seller expresses confusion, Stiefler assures him it's a well-known saying.

"It's 'Let's F*** Brandon', it's the anti-Biden thing, you know because you can say it anywhere," Stiefler says.

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The seller does not have any of the shirts Stiefler is looking for but Stiefler and Selvig were fully prepared with fake t-shirts.

Stiefler returned to the man's table joyfully wearing the "Let's F*** Brandon" shirt that he says he got from another "seller".


We asked for a “Let’s F*ck Brandon” shirt at a Trump rally. #fyp #comedy #trump #letsgobrandon #funnyshirt

In another video, Selvig advertises to rally-goers the "Let's F*** Brandon" shirts and even convinces one person to buy a shirt for $30.

The Good Liars is a comedy duo that often tries to pull off pranks involving notable people like politicians. The team has gone to Trump rallies to interview supporters and bought the Trump 2024 website to mess with the former president.


Selling “Let’s F**k Brandon” shirts outside the Trump rally. #fyp #brandon #rally #shirt #funny #comedy #prank

Commenters applauded the two's efforts to troll Trump supporters with some asking if they could sell the "Let's F*** Brandon" shirts online.

"The guy seemed neither surprised or impressed."



The good news is people can buy the t-shirts on The Good Liars website for $28.99.

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