Man admits to affair during live comedy show and instantly regrets it

Man admits to affair during live comedy show and instantly regrets it
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A lawyer instantly regretted his comments after confessing to having an affair in front of an entire crowd at a comedy show.

When comedian Jessica Kirson kicked off her show by warming up the audience, she pinpointed a man sitting in the front row and asked what he did for a living due to his "nice suit".

He told Kirson he worked as a lawyer, which led the comedian to ask how long he and his plus-one were dating.

Without thinking, the date responded that they were not and that he was, in fact, her boss.

"This is why I didn't want to sit at the front," the lawyer responded, to which Kirson said: "You’re never going to see these f**king people again."

It was then the man shared his concerns about being posted to social media, as the pair were having an affair.

Kirson was clearly taken aback by the confession, as she quipped back: "You're having a f**king affair and you're sitting at the front?!"

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A lawyer came to my show and decided to sit up front even though 😂 #cheating #cheater #lawyer #wow #fyp #foryou

The snippet soon went viral on TikTok, where fans took no time in heading to the comments section.

"The fact he answered 'an honest lawyer' and then admitted to having an affair right after," one person highlighted, while another joked: "I'm going to hell because I laughed so much… I watched it twice. Hell for sure. Maybe purgatory… that’s worse (according to a friend)."

A third person added: "I mean the best way to hide an affair with your assistant is to go to a TikTok-famous stand up and sit front seat."

Meanwhile, one fellow TikToker did not see the funny side whatsoever, writing: "This makes me sad someone’s partners back home waiting for their love to come back."

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