Man under fire for confronting homeless man who bullied him at school

Homeless man being filmed

Man under fire for confronting homeless man who bullied him at school

@crazyclipsonly on Twitter

A man has faced backlash on social media for filming himself confronting his school bully after he saw that he was now homeless.

The clip - which shows the man behind the camera approaching the homeless individual who is sitting on some steps - went viral after the Twitter account Crazy Clips posted the video with the caption "man confronts his high school bully".

"At high school you was the man homie. What the f*** happened to you?" the man says.

"Remember when you used to flex on me at high school? Because I used to wear baggy clothes?"

Panning from the homeless man to his car, the man filming the video says: "Now look at you. Now look at me."

The homeless man attempts to shake his hand but is rejected. He doesn't say anything, mainly avoiding looking into the camera and smoking. At the end of the video, the man then throws the homeless man's stuff around and shouts in his face "tighten the f*** up man." He also repeatedly calls the homeless man a "d***head".

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Whilst the man behind the camera may have felt high and mighty in the moment, viewers on Twitter criticised him for his actions, with many calling him "cruel" and pointing out that he himself has now become the bully.

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