Man scores date with dream woman he locked eyes with at traffic lights after appeal

<p>The 41-year-old carer is “all for romance”</p>

The 41-year-old carer is “all for romance”

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A self-confessed “hopeless romantic” has made a public appeal to find the woman he locked eyes with at the traffic lights – as he believes her to be his ‘Mrs Right.’

Martin Baker from Hull approached his local paper on Monday to find the “beautiful” stranger while stuck in traffic in Grimsby. He hopes that they can rekindle the brief “spark” they had before the traffic lights changed.

In a surprising turn of events, the mystery woman reached out to Hull Live. She said: “Hi. I do drive a bright blue BMW, and I am blonde. I did have a brief encounter with a guy at the traffic lights on Peaks Parkway.

“I was in the left-hand lane, and he was in the lane next to me as the lights turned to green I looked across and smiled as we carried on along Peaks Parkway he then turned off to head into B&Q.”

As their recollection of events matches, Martin now plans on taking the “girl next door” on a date. Martin told the paper he would never usually just walk up to a girl and ask her out.

He said, “The only time I have ever done, it was years ago, and she became my girlfriend. I am not very confident around women, it’s hard to know if you’re saying the right thing.

“In this instance, I just thought why not? Why not put myself out there? There’s a beautiful woman smiling at me and I should take the chance.”

Though the 41-year-old tends to opt for active dates such as hiking, he plans to take his new love interest for a romantic dinner.

He told Hull Live, “I’m definitely all for romance. With my ex-girlfriend, I surprised her and filled a whole room with rose petals. I like doing stuff like that.”

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