Man told to 'consider' his choices after he disowns his wife for plane 'meltdown'

Man told to 'consider' his choices after he disowns his wife for plane 'meltdown'
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A man has turned to Reddit for reassurance after disowning his fiance as she was escorted off a flight.

The man took to the popular thread "Am I the a**hole" to ask fellow Redditors exactly that – and you may be shocked by the response.

He explained how the pair had been on vacation, where he informed his partner about the strict baggage allowance. He detailed that he tends to take a backpack or something of a similar size that fits within the airline policy. However, his fiance ignored his advice.

The Redditor wrote: "My fiance didn't wanna listen to my advice and chose to bring basically a regular full-size bag that barely fits the standards of carry-on, but generally speaking the airline worker doesn't wanna deal with the trouble and allows it through."

Despite getting lucky in the past, this time was different.

The flight was already fully booked and an argument broke out between the airline assistant and his fiance. All the while, the man boarded the plane with his reasonably sized backpack.

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The woman eventually got through and took her seat, but the man was shocked to learn the issue still had not been resolved.

He wrote: "The airline worker and a cop show up and they are not f**king around, and want her off the plane.

"She tries to plead and cry, etc. but they are not having it. And maybe in a moment of panic or just plain self-preservation.

"The cop asks if we're together, and I blurt out, 'NO!' shaking my head emphatically. I got kill dagger eyes from her as she shot up and grabbed her bag and followed the cop out.

"She was also swearing and screaming the whole way out."

Subsequently, she boarded the following flight home alone, and her partner picked her up from the airport.

The post was flooded with support for the poster, with one saying: "When people behave so badly that the police get involved, my loyalty to them disappears. She f**ked up and found out."

"I’m thinking NTA. This isn’t like your fiancée had an anxiety attack over fear of flying," another said. "It sounds to me like a full-on grown woman temper tantrum, which only happened because she didn’t listen to your travel advice."

Meanwhile, a third urged: "Please seriously consider whether you want events like this to be a normal part of your life because someone who reacts like that when she knows she is in the wrong is not going to change!"

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