Man falls into a lake with his phone and accidentally ghosts the woman who sent him nudes

Man falls into a lake with his phone and accidentally ghosts the woman who sent him nudes
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A man accidentally ghosted the woman who sent him nudes after he fell into a lake which caused his phone to die.

With the encouragement of his wife, the man in question took to Reddit to share his story about what happened to him some years ago when he and his friends decided to go on a road trip to see another friend who lived "5 hours away."

"We were leaving in the morning, and I stayed the night at their place so I would be ready to wake up and go. We decided to go to a bar to grab some drinks and play pool. When we got there, a girl made some comment about my butt, so I struck up a conversation with her," he said.

He went on to say that he ordered multiple White Russians "for about 3 hours until the bar closed" and flirted with the woman for a little.

"I got her number before we left (the bar offered a shuttle service, so none of us had to pay for a cab). After leaving the bar, we continue texting, and this girl starts heating things up...," he said, in part.

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Once he and his friends finally got dropped off at their other friend's place, which is on a lake, he didn't know if he recognized it at the time, but he was "smashed" and not ready to call it a night.

So the man in one of his friends walked down to the lake to chill out by the dock. And for some reason, he was lying on the edge of the dock, texting the girl I'm sending her not safe for work text about wanting to see her with "less clothes."

The woman did end up responding with a sexually explicit picture of herself in her underwear.

"My heart got all jumpy, and I got excited and went to sit up to craft an eloquent, drunken response about how sexy she looked and what I wanted to do with her or whatever," he said.

But unfortunately, as he began to sit up, he started to get dizzy, lost his footing, and fell into the lake with his phone.

"I freaked out and climbed out of the water as fast as I could, but it was too late. I saw the light on my phone fade out. It was dead. I tried everything I could to get it working again, but it was no use."

The following day, the man and his friends continued on with their road trip for the weekend, so he couldn't get a new phone until he was back in town.

When he did get the new phone, he couldn't find the texts or phone number of the woman.

"I felt terrible because things were going great, and as soon as she sent me a pic, I ghosted her. I held out hope that I'd run into her and could explain what happened. But unfortunately, I never saw or heard from her again."

People in the post's comments pointed out how this situation didn't go according to plan.

"Body of water + drunk never has a good ending," one wrote.

"Poor girl," another wrote, while the man took to the comments to add: "It stung for a bit. I definitely felt worse about maybe hurting this girl's self-esteem after she sent a pic."

Someone else mentioned how the man could've figured out what the woman's number was and said: "If you look at your phone bill, it will show all the numbers you called and all the numbers of people who called you."

Well, this is a classic example of how ghosting someone can be completely unintentional unless you're like this man who brutally told a girl why he ghosted her after she asked for feedback.

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