Man slammed for ignoring mother during gender reveal celebration

Man slammed for ignoring mother during gender reveal celebration
'Girl doesn't want another baby brother *Funny Gender Reveal Prank* '

A dad-to-be’s reaction to learning he is having a son has drawn criticism on TikTok.

When it’s revealed that he and his partner Hannah will be having a boy, instead of running to hug his partner he is instead embraced by his baseball team.

In a short clip uploaded to TikTok, Hannah (@hannah.j.c16) can be seen throwing a ball at her boyfriend Travis.

Travis, who plays baseball for the University of New Orleans, hits the ball to reveal blue powder inside.

Delighted, he immediately begins cheering. Hannah runs toward him, but he instead legs it toward his friends for a group hug.

The boys swarm him, bumping poor Hannah out of the way.


We’re sooo ready to meet you💙💙 @travisgober

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Since it was uploaded six days ago, the video has received 20.9 million views, 3 million likes, and 58,600 comments.

And everyone in the comment section noticed the same thing.

“Don’t forget to hug the momma,” one viewer said.

Another said: “Did they forget who was carrying the baby?”

Some were annoyed by how the boys rushed in, while others said her partner “completely dodged” her.

One said: “Not ‘the boys’ stealing a moment between mother and father. Congrats on the baby.” Hannah responded to this comment by saying: “Haha it’s ok! They were too excited.”

Another wrote: “I'm gunna need a public formal apology from the guys.”

“I feel bad …the boys should have gave momma a minute… with dad,” another said.

Speaking to TODAY Parents, Hannah said: “I didn’t think anything bad about it until I started reading the comments.

“What people didn’t see was how he came over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss right after. We were so overjoyed and excited.”

Despite how others felt about the situation, Hannah assured viewers that she wasn’t upset in a follow-up video.

She said he should have run and hugged her, and admitted her partner knows that and feels bad, but she said his reaction is “not a red flag”.

In the comments, one commenter quipped: “Until he runs out of the delivery room and hugs the boys.”

Others likened him to TikTok’s “couch guy” in reference to a viral video where a man’s reaction to his girlfriend surprising him at his dorm led viewers to believe something was amiss.

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