Man 'losing sleep' after DoorDash driver thought that he was being yelled at

Man 'losing sleep' after DoorDash driver thought that he was being yelled at
The food delivery man got into a hole on his bike and ...

Everyone has experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in their lives, something that sticks in their head and causes a lack of sleep as a result.

Well, that's exactly what happened to one man who said he's "losing sleep" due to a humiliating misunderstanding with a "sweet" DoorDash driver named Sami.

TikToker Mark Polchleb (@markp_) from Melbourne, Australia, ordered some food and when the Sami arrived to drop off the goods at his doorstep, Mark's dogs began to bark loudly in response to this and he can be heard yelling at them to be quiet.

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However, as the delivery driver asked where to leave the bag it was not clear Mark's yelling wasn't towards him.

"Get away from the door mate!" Mark shouted at his dogs, but Sami thought it was directed at him and backed away from the door.

Mark can then be seen opening the door to pick up the bag and telling a confused Sami to "have a good night."

In his TikTok, Mark was thinking back to the awkward moment as he wrote: "Can someone please tell this sweet Uber Eats man I was yelling at my dog and not at him."

*Mark corrected in an update that Sami works for DoorDash.


Im genuinely losing sleep over this. He was so sweet and my dog is a menace 🥺

Since he posted about the embarrassing misunderstanding, Mark's video has received a whopping 32.4m views, 6.1m likes and nearly 27,000 comments from people who expressed their second-hand embarrassment for Mark.

One person wrote: "He even tried to explain - SAY SORRY RN."

"I WOULD LOSE SLEEP FOR DAYSSSSSS," another person said to which Mark replied: "The bags under me eyes are living proof. I’m on night two. Help."

Someone else added: "I refuse to watch this. I can't handle this man being sad. He looks so sweet and innocent already."

"The way I’m actually shedding tears thinking of how he must have felt disregarded and a nuisance. I’m feeling sick," a fourth person commented.

In a series of updates, Mark posted a follow-up video where he shared how he attempted to contact DoorDash to try and tip Sami but couldn't because of how much time had passed and so urged the internet to track down Sami in order to have some "closure."

Thanks to the power of the internet, Mark managed to track down Sami and in an update, Mark revealed the wholesome news that Doordash came across the viral videos and decided to make Sami a "Top Dasher" for life and are also "topping up his pay" this week.


#duet with @maroob MAJOR UPDATE. We found Sami!!!!!! Thank you so much TikTok. I love this community! I’ll keep you all posted after my opportunity to connect! ❤️

"It makes my heart a little bit happier knowing that Sami finally knows that I was yelling at my dog, not him and now DoorDash Australia have come to the party and sweetened the deal even more for him which is amazing," Mark said.

"THANK GOD. internet works wonders," one person commented, while another wrote: "

Mark and Sami finally got to reunite to "show some appreciation" to his delivery driver who is working to try and raise money to visit his son who lives overseas in France.


Replying to @stylands Thank You, TikTok for helping me apologise and show my appreciation to Sami!

A GoFundMe page that was set up two days ago to help Sami get there has already raised $5,547 AUD.

Lovely to see a happy ending to this story!

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