Man takes his feud with a neighbour all the way to Google Earth

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Neighbourly disputes are always awkward – but this paticular tiff has gone next-level.

Problems started between Brian Juel and his neighbours Cindy and Brian Zechenelly when Cindy built a garage apartment on her property in 2009 and painted it purple. Oh yes, this goes way back.

Cindy told the Peninsula Daily News that her primary inspiration for the purple came from the Painted Ladies, tricolor Victorian houses on Alamo Square in San Francisco.

Juel, who petitioned against the purple creation, told the same publication:

This has become the focal point of the community. Polluted views.

And now, things have got so bad between the two households that Brian has resorted to desperate measures.

He mowed “A HOLE” into a field in his backyard, complete with helpful arrow, and now Google Earth has picked it up for everyone to see.

A screenshot of the image has since gone viral on Reddit.

Here's the work of art:

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