Man proposes to girlfriend with five different rings in viral proposal video

As Beyonce wisely told the world, if you like it then you gotta (should’ve) put a ring on it.

Well, this one man took it one step further – and decided to go for five.

In a video that has now gone viral, William Hunn asked his girlfriend Brittney Miller to marry him, before giving her a stack of five diamonds rings to chose from.

Miller shared the video of the lavish proposal, which took place on a rooftop in Atlanta, Georgia after the couple had gone on a helicopter ride.

Hunn is showing getting down on one knee, pulling out the row of rings and saying to Miller: “You can try all five or pick one.”

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Describing his extravagant gesture, she said: “I was soooo surprised. And then 5 RINGS that I was torn between!?

“I had a rush of so many emotions, while still trying to figure out how he pulled all of this off without me knowing!! I cried... a lot.”

The couple then flew to a surprise engagement party, where his and her family had gathered to celebrate the event.

Miller added: “The helicopter landing, into a proposal with five rings AND an engagement party where both sides of the family are present????

“This was a boss move [Will]. You’ve planned one hell of an experience that I will never be able to forget. [...] I love you.”

Don’t worry – for those heavily invested in the romantic tale, Miller does go on to reveal which ring she chose.

It was the middle one.

He even got out the diamond tester, to show her that her choice had been the right one.

And, according to another video shared on her Instagram, the ring she chose was the very same one that Hunn had been carrying around with him for 30 days – and flashing it behind her back in a risky little game – without her knowing.

Congratulations and good luck to them.

We just hope he kept all the receipts.

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