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Elon Musk’s new Boring Company project roasted for being ‘just a tunnel’

Elon Musk’s new Boring Company project roasted for being ‘just a tunnel’

People have expressed confusion at Elon Musk’s newest business venture because it appears to simply be a tunnel.

While the billionaire’s company might have achieved a milestone of engineering as it is the first mile-long tunnel to be built underneath Las Vegas with its opening attracted guests ranging from the mayor of Miami to the Queen of Instagram herself Kylie Jenner, but despite this and the bright colour changing lights, is it just a tunnel...

A tunnel that costs at least $5 to drive through for a whopping distance of 1 mile, from one end to the Las Vegas Convention Centre to the other. There are plans to extend the tunnel to other parts of the city, reducing travel time across the city.

People have wondered why this infrastructure project did not seek to put in an underground train network as that would be able to carry more people and it posed some concerns over health and safety.

It is also a disappointing outcome seeing as The Boring Company was launched in 2018 with all the bells and whistles, singing about how they intended to build a complex network of tunnels all over the world, eradicating traffic congestion.

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Back in 2017, Musk tweeted that he had received “verbal govt approval” to build a tunnel that would make driving between Washington DC and New York City a thirty-minute run.

Again, this has not materialised, but however, we all know that the Trump administration loved to flame hot air, so while a letdown, it's not surprising.

However, we can take comfort from the knowledge that Musk’s company might actually be innovating better ways to construct tunnels, which is promising and a sentiment we hold to in 2021.

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