12-year-old schools grown man for flying racist Confederate flag from his house

12-year-old schools grown man for flying racist Confederate flag from his house
Photo courtesy of r/PublicFreakout on Reddit

The younger you are, the less you know, right? A preteen just proved his knowledge when he confronted a grown man about the Confederate flag flying on his property.

A TikToker that goes by @thomasparis05 posted some security camera footage of the conversation that took place right outside of his house.

In the video, a boy appears to ride up on his bicycle to the TikToker’s front porch and notices a flag hanging up. It also seems that he's asking the man something, but the rain drowns out the sound.

The boy seems like he's ready to leave after receiving his answer, but the man responds, clear as day, defending his flag as "American.'

The child doesn't seem to have any tolerance for this response. "Uh no, it's a g*******d racist flag.”

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And then the adult decides he wants to argue back and forth, which the boy then states that he knows what he’s looking at and he’s “not stupid.”

“Do your research before you come to me and sound like a f****** r*****,” said the man.

The man continued: "You're the one coming to me telling me to remove a flag. It's a freedom to fly that flag."

The child doesn't hesitate to reiterate that the flag is racist, which prompts the seemingly disgruntled man to tell the child to do his "research."

As the child was getting ready to pedal away on his bike, he got in one last jab in. "Maybe you should [ do your research]!"

Although @thomasparis05 originally posted this video to his account to supposedly show how proud he was of trying to school a kid about history, his entire TikTok account no longer exists.

But leave it up to social media to hold onto evidence!

A Redditor reposted a video showing a better angle of the flag which seems to be a standard American flag in the security camera footage. However, it's a cross between a Confederate flag and an American flag.

Confederate/American flag in questionPhoto courtesy of Posted by u/Dabee625 on Reddit

After the child stood his ground in telling the man that his flag has a racist connotation, fellow Reddit commentators saluted him for schooling the grown-up.

“I f****** love that little dude. He was holding it down," said one commenter.

Someone also pointed out that the man seemed to upload the video like he was proud of himself for "schooling" a child.

"And then uploaded it himself like he won? I'd burn whatever hard drive this s*** was on," they said.

Another commenter has high hopes that the child will have a bright future, saying, "That kid’ss going places."

All in all, it's tough to be right when arguing with someone younger than you – especially when what you're defending is a history of the Confederacy in America.

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