Cringe moment man rates girlfriend 4/10 – and she’s standing right behind him

Cringe moment man rates girlfriend 4/10 – and she’s standing right behind him

A man has been left embarrassed after rating his girlfriend a four out of 10 when she stood right behind him.

The video of the awkward moment was posted to TikTok by Raphael Aghahan on his account @rafreacts3 and shows the man rating another woman as his girlfriend overhears everything.

In the clip, the man is asked by Raphael to rate a picture of an Instagram model out of ten.

He replied: “Solid ten. Solid ten, yeah. She’s wifey material.”

As he’s saying it, his girlfriend is clearly very unimpressed as she secretly stands behind him and can hear everything he’s saying.

But, it gets even worse as Raphael finds out the man has a girlfriend and asks the man what he’d rate her as.

The man responded: “It has to be like a four out of 10.”

The girl looked visibly shocked as her boyfriend then went on: “It’s just a quick beat [hookup] and that’s it.”

Even the presenter looked taken a-back as he said: “This guy is rude!”.

Raphael then gave the man the shock of his life as he asked what he would do if his girlfriend was stood right behind him?

The man tried to play it cool, insisting she wasn’t there.

Then at that moment, the girlfriend showed herself, approached her boyfriend and slapped him around the face.

The video has been viewed over 450k times and other TikTok users were outraged by the man’s audacity.

One person commented: “He is like a 0/10 lucky she even gave him the time of day, no respect... what I wanna know is if the man asking the q is single.”

Another wrote: “She can do better.”

People seemed to agree that the man was lucky to be with her and deserved the reaction from his girlfriend. One TikTok user commented: “She ain’t putting up with no s***!! That makes her a 10.”

However, others on social media questioned how real the video was.

Under the same video posted on Instagram, one person wrote: “All scripted 😓.”

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