A man who thought he could get away with harassing a woman over her breasts was proved sorely wrong after half a train carriage jumped to her defence.

The encounter was filmed by one of the victim’s pals, who subsequently posted it to TikTok with the caption: “Not this man thinking he can make a nasty comment to my friend and get away with it.”

The group were apparently on their way to a New York Mets baseball game when the stranger lashed out, misogynistically insulting the female sports fan’s clothes.

How the clash began is unclear, but the video recording starts with him yelling: “How does it make me creepy that she was dressed like a w****?”

Just to be clear, the woman is wearing a perfectly normal white tank top with an open baseball shirt over the top and some shorts.

His retort was met with fury by several surrounding passengers, including the woman herself, who leapt from their seats to confront him.


Not this man thinking he can make a nasty comment to my friend and get away with it #metsgame #mets #longisland #fight #StyleSnap #fyp

Most of their shouts are inaudible, but at one point, one of her friends can be heard fuming: “Are you f***ing kidding me? It’s a f***ing tank top!” before repeating that the man is a “creep”.

He then attempts to defend himself, saying: “Maybe you shouldn’t go bouncing your boobs around” and “If you don’t want your boobs to bounce don’t bounce them, don’t show them.”

This then fuels the group’s rage, with the object of his criticism turning towards the camera, pointing out: “Gravity makes the t**s go up and down!”

She grew exasperated with his absurd insults @amanda.paige17/TikTok

The clip, shared by TikToker Amanda Paige, racked up more than 1.1 million views and 216,000 likes in just three days, as people voiced their outrage at the man and praised the woman’s loyal defenders.

“The way that everyone stood up for your friend immediately shows me that these aren’t friends, but family,” one wrote.

“The way everyone jumped up SO FAST,” commented another.

“The way he blamed her for his actions, ugh,” lamented a third.

A number of commentators praised the victim’s male friend, who jumped up at the ready but then let the more-than-capable women handle the situation.

One wrote: “The way [the] man stood up then realised the girls [have] got it. I love everything about this video.”

TikTokers loved the male friend who sprung to his feet but then let the women take control @amanda.paige17/TikTok

Meanwhile, others praised the “squad” for personifying friendship goals.

“Girl, I’d trust your squad more than I’d trust the Avengers or the autobots,” one said.

“Hell yeah that’s THE friend group we should all want to be a part of,” another agreed.

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