Man raises eyebrows after revealing he spends $2000 a month on bottled water

Man raises eyebrows after revealing he spends $2000 a month on bottled water
Tired of Buying Bottled Water all the Time?
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A man has sparked debate after revealing he spends $2,000 a month on “high-end” bottled water.

Posting to TikTok, self-confessed “water snob” Ryan Dubs explained that as he hates the taste of tap water, the only way he can hydrate himself is by stocking up on bottled water.

In the clip, he explained that he has four fridges to keep his supply of Norwegian VOSS water cool.


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He filmed the video on delivery day, and showed viewers a huge stack of boxes on his counter before loading them into one of his fridges.

He said the boxes are heavy as the bottles are made of glass.

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Ryan said: “I’ve always been a water snob and I know that for a lot of people you’re probably like what the hell, why do you care, it’s just water, but I hate the taste of tap water. I cannot drink it. I can only drink bottled water - it’s the only way I’ll get it in me.”

For the past year he had Fiji water delivered to his home instead, but he started to feel guilty about the amount of plastic waste that was creating so instead opted for the glass brand.

Although it’s pricey, he manages to cut costs by buying in bulk from the same type of outlet that supplies hotels and grocery stores.

He added: “Everyone has their thing and I guess I'm just a water snob but my guests love it, everybody loves to be handed a nice, cold glass water bottle.”

Since uploading the clip three days ago, it has received 1.3 million views, 142,000 likes, and over 7,000 comments.

The video also made its way on to Twitter, where it garnered almost three million views in under 12 hours.

Commenting on the original TikTok, viewers were amazed at his monthly water bill, with some poking fun at Ryan’s shopping essential.

One viewer wrote: “I think therapy is cheaper”.

Another argued that although glass might be a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic, transporting it can still harm the environment.

“Bottled water is not net carbon neutral. Transportation causes pollution. Get a water filter!” another wrote.

Norwegians also weighed in, with one quipping: “Pov: you get Voss water from your sink bc u live in Norway.” Ryan replied: “You win LOL”.

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