A man has described how he swapped his wife’s cat six years ago without her realising.

Writing on Reddit, the man said he committed the act of subterfuge because the original cat was “aggressive”, but he has since felt pretty guilty about the situation.

He said: “Six years ago, I swapped my then-girlfriend now-wife’s cat with a more well-behaved lookalike.

“She had an all black cat that was extremely aggressive. It scratched everyone, hissed at everyone, and didn’t use its litter box half the time. My wife insisted she could get it to behave better.”

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Safe to say, she couldn’t. The man added: “One week she went out of town to visit her family and I was supposed to go to her apartment and feed it.

The first night I went over, it scratched the shit out of my arm. I joked to the cat that it’s not special and I’ll replace it if it scratches again. The joke stuck with me until I had thought about it enough that it wasn’t a joke.

“The next morning I went to the local animal shelter. Found an identical cat who was already litterbox trained and acclimated to people, but was a little skittish (it’s old owner died of a heart attack and the animal shelter people said they think that’s why it was skittish).

“But overall, it was a lot friendlier and better behaved, and the skittishness would help it resemble the original cat.

“So I adopted it, took it to my wife’s apartment, settled it in, then drove her original cat to an animal shelter a town over (I was paranoid my wife would find out if I took it to a local one).

“It’s been 6 years since then. We got married 4 years ago. We still have the swapped cat. It answers to the original cat’s name. My wife knows nothing. She loves this cat and brags about how much better behaved it is. Everytime I see it, I feel like a total piece of s**t.

Reacting to the story, people thought his behaviour was pretty bad.

One person said: “You don’t get to give away someone’s pet to a shelter, without informing them”.

Another commented: “This is some Seinfeld tier shenanigans right here.”

And a third said: “I would absolutely be considering divorce if I ever found this out.”

If he wants to stay married then, let’s just hope he doesn’t let the cat out of the bag.

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