Man called ‘idiot’ by doctors following tanning injection disaster

Man called ‘idiot’ by doctors following tanning injection disaster

A man has shared the time he took his tanning to the extreme by using injections before going on holiday - and was called an “idiot” by doctors over the move.

TikTok user Dylan Wright (@dylandwright4) a 28-year-old from Essex is now warning others of the dangers when it comes to using tanning injections, the New York Post reported.

In the viral video, Wright used the popular sound from America’s Next Top Model which people have been using to share their embarrassing photos on TikTok

In the audio clip, model and judge Tyra Banks says: “It is so bad, I want to give you a zero, but that’s not possible, so I give you a one.”

Wright mouthed the quote and explained in a caption: “The time I did tanning injections before a holiday,” and then gave viewers a big reveal showing his younger self from 2014 with bleach blonde hair and extremely dark skin as a result of the injections.

“It looked really odd … because I had this white top and white hair and I think that makes it funnier,” Wright told SWNS.


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The TikToker explained to the news agency he had purchased them before his big trip “to make the most of the sun” and that he was also “too scared to take them away” with him.

“I went on the sunbeds a bit before the holiday but didn’t take the injections until just before I left,” he said.

Safe to say from the photos, it wasn’t the healthiest of moves for his skin and Wright’s doctors informed of this in a pretty direct manner. Of course, the injections also had side effects on the TikToker’s skins too.

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“The doctors called me an idiot and told me it’s a side effect from the drug, but now I’m stuck with [freckles],” Wright added. “I’ve got freckles like I’m in my 50s or 60s. It feels like my skin’s aged.”

Since sharing his tanning mistake, Wright’s video has gone viral with nearly 650,000 views, and 24,000 likes, along with plenty of comments on the video from people who were shocked at how dark his tan was.

One person wrote: “Accidental blackfishing damn they work tho.”

Wright replied admitting his embarrassment at the photo: “It was so embarrassing. People starting [sic] like I had something severely wrong with me! The bleached hair didn’t help. I looked like a pint of Guinness!”

Another person said: “Yes this actually deserves a 0.”

“I did them too and my grandfather told me I needed to stay out of the sun for a while,” someone else added.

So how did Wright’s skin end up looking so dark?

“After I saw the photo, I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is not cool,’” he said before explaining why. “Because the injections make tanning more efficient, being in the sun for nine hours a day is like being in the sun for a week every day and that was the problem.”

In the end, Wright had certainly learned from his mistakes and wanted to share his own experience on TikTok to prevent others from doing the same, and said: “It’s really not worth it.”

“There’s safer ways to tan, like fake tanning,” he claimed. “It gave me a wake-up call … It’s a classic case of being 20 and thinking you’re invincible.”

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