<p>Katie Lacie has rightfully earned herself the title of ‘CEO of dating app clapbacks’</p>

Katie Lacie has rightfully earned herself the title of ‘CEO of dating app clapbacks’


Chat-up lines are notoriously awkward, but some people manage to cross the line and end up being insulting.

This is what therapist Katie Lacie found when she matched with a man on a dating app who told her she’d be “perfect” if she just lost some weight.

Lacie uses social media to share her more memorable conversations on the likes of Tinder and Bumble, but this encounter trumped tales even of footfetishishes and “pity hookups”.

In her reenactment of the discussion, the man, who she didn’t name, told her: “You would be perfect if you lost like seven pounds.”

“You’re very pretty,” he then added, in a bid to boost his misguided attempt at flirtation.

Lacie replied simply: "What?", to which he wrote back: "Oh I’m sorry, I hope you don’t take offence to that. I’m a personal trainer."

She then responded sardonically: "Oh ok, phew! I was offended until I knew you had the credentials to body-shame me."

The man didn’t seem to grasp that Lacie was mocking him@katielacie

Confused, the prospective suitor then asked: “We’re good, right?”

"Of course,” said Lacie. “You were just giving constructive criticism."

The clueless man clearly didn’t have his sarcasm-radar on, replying: "Exactly! Glad we’re on the same page.”

She then threw him a major curveball by borrowing his words to remark: "You would be perfect if you were a different person."

"Excuse me?" the stunned guy responded.

"Don’t worry,” she retorted. “I’m a therapist. I have the credentials to recognise poor character."

Fellow TikTokers applauded her ‘mic drop’@katielacie

Lacie’s hilarious come-back was met with support and admiration from fellow TikTokers, who branded the man an “absolute tool”.

Her clip of the exchange has racked up more than two million views and 480,000 likes on the platform, as users hailed her “mic drop”.

“Men get so mad when you match their energy,” one wrote.

While another said: “That personal trainer should never interact with a client like EVER, from an actual good PT.”

Others were baffled that the man tried to take their conversation to the next level, even though Lacie had made it clear he wasn’t winning her over.

Following Lacie’s “different person” burn, the guy replied: “That’s no way to talk to a man.”

She replied coolly: “Oh I’m sorry, I just saw a boy here.”

He then said: “I know a way you can make it up to me and also lose the weight,” followed by a winky emoji.

Our stomach churns...@katielacie/TikTok

That was the final nail in the coffin.

“Gross, bye!” Lacie wrote, putting the whole matter to bed at last.

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