Man discovers ‘life-changing Tinder hack’ after re-loading dating app

<p>A TikToker has shared how you can find out who likes you be simply re-loading the app</p>

A TikToker has shared how you can find out who likes you be simply re-loading the app


One man has shared a “life changing” Tinderhack which apparently helps you find out who has matched with you.

A TikTok user who goes by the name Garney revealed claimed that, if you reload the app, then the second person that pops up every time is a guaranteed match. Who knew?

In the clip, Garney shows himself opening the Tinder app and swipes right once where he doesn’t get a match. He then swipes right again and instantly matches with that second person.

To demonstrate that this hack isn’t a fluke, he shows himself closing the app and reopening it. He then goes on to the same thing again – swiping right twice and matching with the second person again.

Garney shares how he matched with the second person Tinder showed himTikTok/garnytho

Since the video was posted, it has received over 3.1 million views165,000 likes, and over a thousand comments from people who tested Garney’s trick out for themselves - some with varying results.

One person said: “Tested it and can confirm this is 100% effective.”

“OMG IT’S TRUE I JUST TESTED,” another person wrote.

“Not me running to my phone! Hahaha it works,” a third person commented.

But someone else replied: “POV I just tried it and it doesn’t work.”

So how does the apparent trick work?

Some have suggested that it is because of Tinder’s algorithm that the second person always likes you.

But it has also been claimed that the algorithm chooses a popular person as the first profile you see in order to “reel you in” – that’s according to another TikToker, Spike, who posted about these hints last year. (You can see the full video here)

Spike similarly shared his findings with his followersTikTok/cowboy_dadd

He too proved these claims by sharing his phone screen, and received close to half a million views from intrigued people.

One person said: “Also I found that if you put your radius to 1 mile, everyone outside of that has liked you.”


Someone else said: “I did this 6 times and they were all a match!! OMG U REALLY BROKE THE CODE.”

Try it out for yourself to see if this online dating hack works.

You can see the full video here.

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