Man goes viral with bizarre hack for keeping trainers looking new - but not everyone’s convinced

<p>TikTok account Howpluggedareyou divided people over their hack to make white trainers look clean and new</p>

TikTok account Howpluggedareyou divided people over their hack to make white trainers look clean and new


We can all relate to the struggle of keeping white trainers clean; you either have to take up the time-consuming task of constantly wiping them down or splash the cash to get them professionally cleaned.

But one TikToker has come up with a bizarre solution to this problem that has divided opinion.

A TikTok account called “Howpluggedareyou” shared how they were able to get their Nike Air Force 1s looking brand spanking new - all thanks to a bit of white paint.

You can watch the video in full here.

“When you need new Nike Air Force 1s but you’re on a budget,” the video is jokingly captioned.

In the video, a man can be seen wearing white Nike Air Force 1s that were looking a bit dirty, that is until another person comes in with a paint spraying gun that was able to make the dirt disappear within seconds and returned the trainers to a dazzling white.

It’s not exactly a cleaning process per se, but we guess it does the desired job at making the shoes look brand new.

Since posting the hack, the video has received a staggering 22.7m, along with 1.8m likes and thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts on the trick.

Some were impressed with the quick money-saving solution.

One person wrote: “You just saved yourself 150 bucks.”

“Wait you’re on to something,” another person said.

Someone else added: “And with all the same comfort of the old pair.”

“The best DIY I’ve ever seen!” A fourth person replied.

Elsewhere, there were some that weren’t as impressed with the trick and questioned why cleaning them wasn’t a good enough method.

One person said: “Just buy a shoe cleaner.”

“Or you could just use a washing machine?” Another person suggested.

Someone else wrote: “Or you could just wash it.”

“They finna look mad crusty over time,” a fourth person added.

We still have a feeling paint gun sales are going to soar after this viral TikTok.

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