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Owning up to doing something wrong isn't always the easy thing to do and takes a strong character to admit to any wrongdoing.

It takes an even bigger character to confess to the police when you are wanted for a crime and not do it in person but on social media.

On November 28 the Richland, Washington Police Department put out a wanted call on Facebook for Anthony Akers who had failed to comply with the Department of Corrections.

Rather than continue to remain aloof from the authorities, Akers sought to solve the problem himself and replied to the post telling them to "calm down" and that he was turning himself in.

Akers' candid reply quickly went viral and at the time of writing has received over 4,000 reactions on Facebook.

That wasn't the end of the story though and if anything it only escalated from there.

As of six days ago, Akers was yet to turn himself into Richland Police so they felt the need to tell him their opening hours.

Akers then rather comically replied to this comment stating that he had to tie up a couple of 'loose ends' as he wasn't too confident about his chances of not serving any jail time.

As this story gained more and more attention on Facebook, people eagerly awaited to see whether Akers would actually turn himself in.

48 hours after Akers previous comment, another user asked the police department if he had turned up.

Lo and behold he had not.

Fast forward to Monday and Akers still hadn't come through for the police who by this point appeared to be very disappointed that he hadn't shown his face yet and put out an impassioned reply, acting like someone who had been stood up on a first date and to be honest we feel their pain.

Then as if they were two lovers who realised that they weren't right for each other but still wanted closure, Akers replied telling them that "it's not you, it's me," and that he would be handing himself in by lunchtime on Wednesday.

Then, against all odds, he did show up for their 'date' and even provided photo evidence of him doing so.

What a wonderful and hilarious way to follow someone getting locked up for a crime. That's 2018 for you!

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