Dating App Giant Match Group Sues Google Over In-App Payment Policy

A man stormed out of a restaurant after his date almost made a waitress cry with her bad behaviour.

Writing on Reddit, he explained that his sister set him up with his friend and when they went to a restaurant for dinner things took a turn when "she asked the waitress to refill her glass of water."

"The place was packed and the waitress passed by our table multiple times," she explained. "Instead of a friendly reminder, she told her if she's mentally declining she should be in a retirement home instead of leaving people thirsty. The poor woman looked like she was about to cry, she started apologizing to my date and went to get the water."

The man said he was "shocked, embarrassed and angry at the same time".

"I told her why the f**k would she even think about that sentence let alone say it out loud. I excused myself and went to apologise to the waitress. I paid for the food I ordered, tipped her a big time and left."

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But the next morning his sister called him and said he was in the wrong. "Apparently after I left the manager threatened to call the cops if she didn't pay, she had to call her father to send her the money for the dinner and the ride back home," he wrote.

"I explained to my sister what her friend did but she wasn't interested in taking my side. She told me since I picked her up from her place and since it was my turn paying for the date I should have just did so and drove her back home or gave her money for a taxi.

He said he would send the date some money to avoid a further argument but questioned who was in the right.

Reacting to his story, people said he hadn't behaved unreasonably.

"You’re good in my book," one said. "And good on you for recognising your sister is just as bad as the friend."

"You paid for your food. If she didn't have money to eat out she shouldn't gone on a date," another said.

And a third said: "Your sister sucks. That date sucked. I’m glad you stuck up for the waitress because not many people do. You aren’t obligated to spend your money on anybody, and she was stupid to go out with somebody she’s never met without any money. She needed to learn that lesson big time."

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