Man 'jokes' about hitting woman at gym with weight because she's 'conceited'

'Karen' snatches gym weights that were being used by another woman in ...

A TikToker has shared how a man at the gym called her “conceited” and joked about hitting her with a dumbbell.

28-year-old US Marine vet Emily Telesca posted a video of the encounter to TikTok where it has received 270,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday.

At the beginning of the video, Telesca lets the man know that if she is in his way, she is happy to move.

He then asks why she films herself, and she tells him for Instagram and TikTok.

At this point, she said there is an “awkward silence as he rolls his eyes”.

“I feel incredibly awkward at this point,” she said.

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Another man then comes along and tells her the first man said: “Look at this conceited f***ing girl I’m gonna go and hit her with a dumbbell”.

Shocked, the TikToker responded: “Damn, that’s kind of mean”.

She added: “I’m far from conceited, I probably have insecurities that you don’t even know.”

The audio then becomes muffled, but she typed that at this point she tried to make light of the situation because she was uncomfortable.


Probably the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had. 😩 #ScreamItOut #TurboTaxAndRelax #gymtok

She captioned the clip: “Probably the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had”.

In the comment section, viewers expressed their shock at the man’s remark.

One viewer wrote: “No don’t take that. Don’t make light of his dark joke. Tell the owners. Call him out. It’s not ok to disrespect you like that boo.”

Another said: “Girl! You're doing great! you did nothing wrong here, you were more respectful than most people who record in the gym. Keep it up!”

“Yea .. sorry on behalf of men for whatever that was,” another said.

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