Conservative Brexiteer Mark Francois has been given the remix treatment online – Family Guy style.

Someone decided to dub the European Research Group member’s recent BBC interview with the voice of Peter Griffin, a character he bears a striking resemblance to.

“I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table,” Griffin-Francois began.

I looked with a grimace at the questionable meal Lois had placed in front of me.

Of course I would never tell her how disgusted I was with her cooking but somehow, I think she knew.

Lois had always been full of energy in life but lately I had become to grow more aware of her ageing.

The quote comes from season three, episode 14, titled 'Peter Griffin: Husband, Father…Brother?'

The dub came courtesy of comedian Olaf Falafel and we are here for it.

And this isn't the first time Mark's been compared to our favourite family guy

HT The Poke

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