'Painful' moment sees man's marriage proposal rejected in front of thousands of NHL fans

'Painful' moment sees man's marriage proposal rejected in front of thousands of NHL fans
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A man has seen his public marriage proposal completely backfire on him - in front of thousands of people at an ice hockey game in New York.

The incident occurred at the NHL game between the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers on Friday where the couple in question were part of the infamous 'kiss cam' which is popular at US sporting events.

As the camera focused on them, the man who was down on one knee and for some reason topless and popped the question to his other half all while the crowd around him jokingly chanted: "just say no."

However, their little gag might have influenced the woman who after a few moments of talking to the man, whispered in his ear and ran off back up the steps, leaving her partner devastated.

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The shellshocked man remained on one knee for a few moments longer but soon returned to his seat, appearing completely forlorn.

The moment was captured by Islanders' fan Roger Farina and has since been viewed millions of times on social media.

NHL journalist Dan Rosen also spotted what happened at the game and tweeted: "Kiss cam time and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is "PLZ SAY YES YES YES." He gets down on one knee and proposes. Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box. The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored. Can't make it up."

A debate has since been sparked about whether the whole thing was staged given the setting and that the woman said no.

US tv host Keith Irizarry said: "I always feel like these must be staged. Who asks someone to marry them when they aren’t sure that person will actually say yes. That being said, if that was real: that was painful to watch."

Another added: "Gotta be staged. Praying it’s staged."

A third wrote: "I’m so sick of seeing videos of these fake, staged events. So pathetic."

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