Woman sparks debate after revealing her list of 13 strict wedding rules

A TikTok couple has sparked debate after revealing the “controversial” rules they have for one another in their marriage.

Married couple Jaden and Andy post couple’s content on their shared TikTok account. In one viral clip, the young newlyweds revealed the rules they have that other people may find unusual, including sharing each other’s live location at all times and not socialising alone with people of the opposite gender.

The clip, captioned, “Did not realize these would cause such a fuss on TikTok” has been viewed more than 7.4 million times and has sparked a divided reaction among other TikTokers

Text overlaying the clip read: “Controversial things about our marriage that we didn’t realize are controversial.”

The video then went on to reveal their rules which included “sharing location on Life360”, “sharing all passwords and having no secrets”, “not hanging with the opposite gender alone”.

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The video has more than 9,700 comments from other TikTok users, with some agreeing with the couple’s rules and saying they have the same rules in their relationships. However, others have suggested the rules make it sound like they don’t have trust.

One person commented: “I agree 100 per cent too these are rules in my relationship. Only someone hiding something would have a problem with it.”

Another wrote: “Same! Also shared bank account. Haha I know so many people that have a problem that we do all this. I’m like I’m not married to you though!”

But, someone else argued: “Location makes sense for safety. But the rest just means you don't trust yourself or each other.”

One TikToker said: “This is like the opposite of trust to me.”

“I don’t even like sharing a Netflix profile with mine,” someone else joked.

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