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Nasa released stunning images of a newly formed crater on the planet of Mars, which is unlike anything that you have ever seen before...or, is it?

The fresh crater of the red planet was detected by Nasa's Mars reconnaissance orbiter and photographed using HiRise (High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment).

The image shows a section of the planet's red surface coated in a sort of blue and purple dust, which is only visible thanks to this being an enhanced image which displays the darker material that has been exposed, which according to HiRise team member Veronica Bray, could be ice.

Talking to CNN, Bray added:

That has not yet been confirmed, but commonly, when a HiRISE image of a new impact shows a blue area, it is sometimes water ice.

Leslie Tamppari, the deputy project scientist for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter said that the mysterious colour might turn out to be nothing at all.

I don't know that we should read anything into it. They stretch these images.

It's all false colour, not true colour... (because) we don't have every wavelength covered.

The crater, which is said to be about 16 meters wide is believed to have been formed sometime between September 2016 and February 2019 and is located just below the Valles Marineris canyons.

However, with the internet being what it is, people have taken this otherwise beautiful image and made a joke about it and yes, they think it looks like you know what.

Damn you, internet? Why do you have to ruin everything?

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