McDonald's worker shows you what it's actually like to work in one of their kitchens

McDonald's worker shows you what it's actually like to work in one of their kitchens
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A McDonald’s worker has revealed what it’s like to work in the kitchen and prepare customers’ food in viral TikTok clips.

Michaela Stairs has found internet fame thanks to her clips showing behind the scenes insight.

In one video that has been viewed almost 22 million times, Stairs assembled four McDonald’s hamburgers.

First, she laid out the buns, then she went along the line adding mustard and ketchup to the buns before placing the pickles on top.

She then added the cheese and meat patties before expertly wrapping the burgers in the paper packaging.

The video has racked up more than 26,000 comments, with some people criticising the food she was preparing and saying it didn’t look very nice.

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One person wrote: “That’s why my burgers look like someone threw them across a highway.”

Someone else wrote: “its a no from me.”

But Stairs had her say, writing in the comments: “Some of you have NEVER worked fast food and it shows.”


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Luckily, not everyone was so quick to judge. Some other viewers were more supportive as they recognised that fast food has to be prepared quickly.

Someone wrote: “y'all complaining about looks but don't have the patience to wait longer than 5 minutes.”

Another commented: “do ppl not realize fast food is supposed to be FAST.”

One TikToker replied: “everyone here expecting a masterpiece for $2.”

In another viral TikTok, one McDonald’s worker had a rude response to a customer who ordered a lot of food ten minutes before the restaurant was due to close.

Meanwhile recently, a rumour that claimed McDonald’s ice cream contains the chemical xylitol was debunked.

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