Archaeologists remade a Medieval man’s face and it immediately became a meme

AOC Archaelogy Group/Twitter

The reconstructed face of a Medieval man whose remains were found in Aberdeen has become a new meme.

Researchers from the AOC Archaeology Group used facial reconstruction technology to produce an image of the man, who lived 600 years ago and is thought to have suffered from extensive dental disease.

On social media, people started putting forward their suggestions for who the face looked like.

First, there were political suggestions.

With some of them choosing a particularly specific target…

Then there was this niche late 90s gaming reference.

And these very scientific and very serious observations…

Maybe in 600 years time someone will dig up one of our skeletons and everyone will get to laugh at us on whatever god-forsaken website people use in the future.

Hopefully they’ll be able to make some good memes out of it as well.

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