Melania Trump shared a photograph of her gardening and everyone made the same joke

Getty Images / WPA Pool / Pool

It sometimes seems Melania Trump cannot move for accidentally creating viral, hilarious memes.

Among the extraordinary news wafting from the the White House, including Paul Manafort's fraud trial and Trump's extraordinary tirades, a September 2017 photo of Melania sporting a $690 red plaid designer shirt to harvest vegetables seems inconsequential.

But the ten-month-old snap of an overdressed Melania awkwardly digging around the White House garden has somehow become comedy gold with a bumper crop of memes.

It all started with people asking the unaskable: guys, maybe Melania doesn't actually like gardening?

People were digging deep for wild explanations.

Like maybe it's a double bluff.

Meanwhile, others got creative.

She was even compared to a certain predecessor.

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