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A new meme has taken gender stereotypes to dizzying new heights, and we have to say it's representative of the fact that society still has a long way to go before men and women are treated as equals.

The meme, which has become known the 'Boys’ Sleepovers vs. Girls’ Sleepovers' meme, portrays everything from boys being violent and unruly to girls being gossip-obsessed over-emotional wrecks, all wrapped up in the guise of what boys and girls get up to when they're having a sleepover.

How very progressive.

The first ever version of the meme was shared to social media by Twitter user @Borchmore, which showed what appeared to be a group of boys at a sleepover.

The meme then gained traction when it was shared to Reddit by user Sloppy_Tom, who changed it up in order for it to represent a pagan ritual.

The meme also took off on Instagram.

And Twitter, where it was used to illustrate the same point - that men and women are fundamentally different.

However, the meme did also get turned on its head.

And of course, Love Island got involved.

Despite being light-hearted, the 'boys' sleepovers vs girls' sleepovers' meme is still representative of how far we have to go in society before men and women are equal.

All we can say is the person who invented this meme had most certainly never heard of Beyonce...

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